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                Innovative products

                Laptop special plastics

                Product Overview

                Ultra-thin, portable is the popular elements of today's Laptop. Sinoplast uses unique technology to develop high level of flame retardant engineering plastics such as PC+GF, PPA+GF, PC/ABS and so on to comply with the trend of thinning design and highly demand of  mechanical properties.

                Product characteristics

                ? Great electrical properties and flame retardancy
                ? Super flexural strength

                ? Stable dimensional accuracy
                ? Excellent appearance                         
                ? Excellent dynamic fluidity, easily molding

                Typical Applications
                Widely used for all kinds of high requirement Laptop' front housing, middle frame, metal insert molding and back cover etc.

                Typical Specification




                PPA +30%~ 50% special GF reinforced; high rigidity, halogen-free flame retardant; 

                excellent high temperature resistance and low water absorption.


                PC, 1.5mm V010-30%  GF reinforced; Ultra high notched impact strength; Excellent 

                mechanical performance and stable dimensional accuracy.


                PC, 0.75mm V010-30% GF reinforced; Ultra high notched impact strength; Excellent 

                mechanical performance and stable dimensional accuracy.


                PC/ABS alloy1.5mm V0Excellent chemical resistance and impact resistance at low 

                temperature, Stable dimensional accuracy.